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Read & Share Movie Quotes involving Mental Health

If there were a list of things that make me more comfortable, lists would be on the top of that list.

– Sheldon Cooper.

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Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear your neighbor's family is having trouble with their son's OCD. I think quotes like this can help remind people with OCD or high anxiety that they are not alone and that others out there understand their struggles. I love this quote because to me it spot-on represents the mentality of many folks who have struggled with OCD type symptoms, whether diagnosable or not. Both from personal experiences and from talking with many others, I know that obsessions and compulsions can sometimes be bad enough that they can seem to take over and make us behave in ways we know, deep down, is not logical, yet still feel compelled to 'do the thing' whatever …


May 26

Maybe it's a funny quote, but you shouldn't laugh about obsessive compulsive disorder. My neighbor's son has it and it has caused him and his family a lot of anguish.


May 25

This is a great quote. It’s both funny and captures the ocd sentiment of that need for hyperorganization.

I mean a list having itself listed on itself. That’s hilarious!

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